Sports Roof

Badminton Roof

Sheds for badminton court are popular day when European tarpaulin roofing, roof badminton court as to ensure a comfortable playing environment and safety in the home. Sports Syzone roof design towards reducing heat, power tunnel and security of natural light through the canvas cover outdoors from the US and Europe Specialized Roofing sports courts.
Roof height for standard badminton courts as 9m. Roof truss gantry badminton court with space truss frame structure with steel, welded steel plates linked together. Tarpaulins cover for badminton is SkyZone Rain tarpaulin against rain. Tarpaulins are manufactured PVC coated layer 01 UV and dust. Outdoor canvas stretched shaped curvature with soft edges, the wings are attached along the circle made of stainless steel in each corner for the purpose of stretching. Bat can also cover the steel truss frame.
Material canvas is designed for harsh environments.
UV nature: 98% stable and durable.
Mildew and damp.
Colors: many colors to choose from.
Warranty Information:
5 year warranty against UV breakdown (rotting).
Warranty will not cover the exposure to chemicals (including chlorine) and placed near the fire canvas.
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