Architectural Fabrics

Shade Sails

SkyZone Sports specializes in outdoor construction or stretch canvas fabric tension in the house in the form to create shade sails. Canvas or fabric sails sails provide multifunctional protection against harmful UV rays from the sun that's why it's used for schools and childcare facilities and recreational areas public.
Installation of roof sails is the combination of fabric canvas membrane firmly connected on the column or attached to walls, horizontal or angled. Typically flat roof sails, ie 2 pm, although they may have some twisted when we hook into the columns of different heights.
Tarpaulin cover to make sails imported from the best European, not dazzle, but still offers up to 96% UV protection, light weight. With design of roof sails from SkyZone Sports, customers complete peace of mind about the quality and beauty of architecture, modern and elegant, the shape to meet the needs of tropical weather. In addition, the installation of roof sails are increasingly appearing in many other areas such as shade solutions for regional development reserved for smokers.
There are a few basic considerations to make in choosing to install a roof sails, in no particular order:
1. Function: Sheds sails were designed as semi-permanent structure or permanent, basically stable in windy conditions and mild weather of the summer. However, we know this does not exclude some stormy weather or tornado.
2. The fixed points that are attached to the canvas sails. You should have a solid anchor point for all the corners of the canvas. Shaped base may be triangular, quadrilateral for a corner can be fixed, but ideally all should have a link angle can be adjusted.
3. Fabric for roof sails, canvas sails cover: Cloth or canvas sails must be resistant to water, sunscreen, and do not make the air tunnel, without prejudice to the health and environmental safety.