Sports Roof

Tennis Court Roof

With hot weather and heavy rainfall, the demand for tennis courts increasingly covered. To obtain a standard roof when playing tennis, design problems and for roofing material on the roof is the most important. Use canvas cover to cover on the roof is standard World tennis federation agreed and approved at the Wimbledon Grandslam England. Outdoor Tennis Bat Fabrics are manufactured from well-known corporations in the world. Reliability of tarpaulin over 25 years for the most extreme weather such as heat, rain storms and even sandstorms in the desert area. Bat Tennis Outdoor fabrics have the following advantages:
- Courtesy, sporty
- Light uniformity in courts
- There is noise when it rains
- No rust
- Totally cool in the yard
- High safety in stormy weather
- Reliability of High tarpaulin. Over 25 years