Sports Roof

Basketball Court Roof

Sports SkyZone design provides an economical and ecological way to maintain a cool environment as playing outdoor basketball court and the ideal temperature for indoor basketball court. Mermet fabric membrane from USA, Europe will be against single or dual heat and UV absolute. For air under the pitch always makes athletes feel comfortable. Stretch canvas roof fabric for our basketball court was imported from America to design structures under major stress for basketball roof.
For the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) professional competitions, basketball court dimensions: length is 28 meters, width of 15 meters.
In the NBA and NCAA, size basketball court is 28.65m long and 15.24m wide.
Indoor basketball court:
System indoor basketball court was built with a basketball surface achieve high performance, safety, shock absorber, providing excellent traction and ball reaction, there are many colors and can be painted surface catfish logo cool.
Our basketball courts are used across the country to entertain as well as to play the climax. PRO basketball surface PQ is the official playing surface of professional basketball league.
Covered outdoor basketball court:
Roof systems outdoor basketball court 10 meters height above center, basketball court surfaces safe, non-slip, shock absorbers, the standard reaction balls, cylindrical roof near the average basketball 7m high.
Sheds indoor basketball court:
We constructed a covered basketball court with lightweight materials is exclusively used tarpaulin cover from Europe. Membrane fabric provides optimal brightness of the day without having to supplement the light from the lamp system. Canvas tarpaulin cover system optimization basketball court from the US and Europe, combined with design SkyZone Sports will maintain a moderate temperature in the field, allows to create a structure with a very low environmental impact in use process. The lifespan of Basketball tarpaulin cover over 25 years.
The surrounding walls were designed in collaboration with the architects to ensure perfect integration of the device into the field using all kinds of products: metal, wood, compound or mineral ... wall fabrics can be screen printed to custom build and create a specific style.