Sports Roof

Swimming Pool Roof

The pool area can enjoy a fresh air and shade from the design canvas shade Sports SkyZone sports, Covered swimming pool we design is dressed with diverse architecture. Your pool will become cooler and safer with the structure of our shade. Making the pool roof is needed to protect athletes from sunlight and excessive heat in summer or when people focus too much on the lake. Your demand for cooler areas will be done through the promotion of high density outdoor stretch for Mermet USA pool with shade structures SkyZone Sports.
Employment sheltered outdoor swimming pool, can simply stretch 1 tarp across the pool will make your club to attract more visitors to swim.
When you indoor swimming pool, pool cover specialized promotion allows hot air to escape through the tunnel design SkyZone. As a result, the temperature of roof provide up to 25 degrees cooler than conventional steel roof and 30-35 degrees. Even the area around the lake has cool air. The benefits from a swimming pool sheltered from the canvas:
- UV protection up to 98%
- Provides up to 15 degrees the temperature is cooler than the steel roof.
- Create a cool fabric foam shaded areas while allowing hot air to escape
- Create shade while preventing rain, hail.
- Bat pool cover, pool cover fabric There are many different colors.