Sports Roof

Multi Sports Roof

Sports and awning fabric outdoor SkyZone EU-Textile Technology is a great choice for engineers roof sports stadium versatile. Benefits of using canvas roof-EU Textile Technology is a large span structures, designed for any climate conditions.
We specialize in roof construction badminton, futsal pitch roof, roof pitch versatile standard for combining subjects such as tennis, baseball, softball, basketball, badminton, futsal and many other sports in Covered.
The longevity of canvas fabric roof was installed over 25 years of sports and so much more.
Fiberglass in anti torn canvas and torn.
The atmosphere inside is convection through the fabric.
Cool for summer and keep warm for winter.
Earthquake safety
Fireproof reach European standards.
Enterprises, universities and municipalities can be installed for entertainment staff and students.
Suitable for business and Tennis Club workout