Sports Roof

Playground Shades

Reliability traction structure roof Sports SkyZone for children's playgrounds:
School playground is also used specialized canvas cover from the US. Tarpaulins cover UV playgrounds usually higher than conventional canvas cover and it is necessary to protect the skin of children under the UV rays from the sun. Sports SkyZone roof installation for children when playing outside with the aim of a top priority on the safety of children, to prevent the proliferation of skin cancer, a disease that is increasing in tropical countries. From design shade Sports SkyZone will provide an additional ambient temperatures cool, lets children play for hours in the hot summer months.
The playground with sails roof, canopy shade structures provide 100% UVA and UVB rays, as well as 100% waterproof, does not rot. Shade structures, structures sail away into different styles including commercial revenue structures, shade structures and structural architecture ball custom tensile force.
This unique product line of shade structures provide shade through the use of a high tensile membrane made of PVC-coated polyester fabric. This membrane itself is actually classified as a roofing material because of its many uses to provide cover. Films are carefully measured, cut and welded with a high-frequency welder than sewn together like traditional fabric shade canopy is made.
In addition, the structure of Sports SkyZone provide an opportunity to expand the architectural design diverse shade, configuration options resilience before winds or coastal areas and feel that significantly enhanced beauty to the surrounding space.
Advantages tarpaulin covered playground for children is different porosities each level, the goal of making the air porosity is below ventilation, natural light to get along with the promotion of anti-UV from 95-98% . Tarpaulin make full below naturally light, subdued, not for us or stuffy feeling glare when playing.