Industrial Span

Big Span Roof

We constructed a large roof space for multi-purpose use as a garage roof, roof toll booths, roofed sheds, sheltered workshops and sheltered cars, with high strength, rafter steel and clear natural light. Roof structure can be expanded, with walls, doors and height standards for trucks.
Covered with canvas roof fabric widths used for appropriate and safe for structural space. Galvanized steel truss frame to minimize corrosion.
The benefit of a covered structure with tarpaulin canvas big space:
Create a space large span and allows for flexibility in interior design. This ensures efficient use of your available space.
The large canvas structures to rebuild fast, cool and safe.
Tarpaulins cover rain and sun are imported directly from Europe and America over 25 years durability.
Colorful canvas fabric, but the fabric translucent and pale yellow are best suited for large spaces, reducing the need to use lights during the day.
Tarpaulins cover feature rain or shine:
Material canvas is designed for harsh environments.
UV nature: 98% stable and durable.
Mildew and damp.
Colors: many colors to choose from.
Warranty Information:
5 year warranty against UV breakdown (rotting).
Warranty will not cover the exposure to chemicals (including chlorine) and placed near the fire canvas.
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