Making the garage roof Vietnam Gia Tan District 3, Ho Chi Minh City with tarpaulins to cover roofs outdoor specialist garage.

Date Posted: 17/11/2015

Sports SkyZone garage roof made Vietnam Tan Gia-District 3, Ho Chi Minh City with tarpaulins to cover special use outdoors from the US, according to the architectural design tension rippled shape makes a luxury car and light areas formed frame scenic against harsh light from the sun, UV-resistant. Regarding tarpaulin roof, outdoor canvas cover from the US to meet all the requirements:

- Protect efficient solar energy for hot glare and heat of up to 90% UV.
- Decorate beautiful architecture with modern style:
- Particularly quiet and stable.
- Excellent moisture resistance.
- Very good tear resistance.
- Safety and environmental health.
- Create amazing scenery for Villa, all outdoor canvas cover gives a perfect image and excellent portraits.