Making tarpaulin roof area and cafeteria aisle AIS International School District 8, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Date Posted: 23/06/2015

We constructed a covered walkway, porch cafeteria with sun and rain canvas imported from America, specialized units designed sails SkyZone Sports. Forming the play area with beautiful views and still get anti-rain light below.
In this regard, the E-Screen 7510 fabric meets all the requirements:
- Provides excellent transparency and lets natural light pass through,
- Protect Solar for its effective glare and heat blocks up to 90% UV
- End immaculate it is ideal for use in decorative panels thanks to:
Especially smooth and stable.
Excellent anti-moisture,
Very good tear resistance,
- Media excellent printing, all outdoor fabrics give a perfect image and excellent portraits, no matter that all the printing process used (painting, screen printing shape, adhesive, digital printing ...).
- Attributes its health and safety for buildings open to the public. SkyZone outer fabric design is the bearer trờ style and unsurpassed quality.